Kathy Bates Biography, Filmography, and Latest News

Hello everyone and welcome to our fan website devoted to the actress Kathy Bates. We are all familiar with who Kathy Bates is and what are some of the most popular Kathy Bates Series TV. In this here article we'll talk about her biography, filmography, TV shows, games and movies inspired by the popular actress Kathy Bates. We'll also include some information about Kathy Bates today as well as some of her upcoming movie appearances and all of the latest news.

Kathy Bates Biography

The actress Kathy Bates is a very famous American TV and movie star. Kathy Bates date of birth is June 28th 1948. She was born in Memphis, Tennessee, where she studied theatre at the Southern Methodist University which holds a great tradition. After that she moved to New York in order to follow her dream of becoming an actress. Her first role was in 1971 and since then she has won numerous prestigious awards. Aside from all the Kathy Bates series TV and Kathy Bates films, she is also a human rights activist and a very generous person. Actress Kathy Bates also is a cancer survivor having won the battle twice in her life. Kathy Bates today is healthy and counts as a living legend amongst celebrities.

Kathy Bates Filmography

If you were to google IMDB Kathy Bates you'll be amazed at her filmography. Upon opening the page you'll find Kathy Bates photos of some of the most popular Kathy Bates series TV and a lot of her movies. She has featured in a lot of movies and has won the Academy Award once, two Golden Globes, two Emmy Awards and other accolades. One movie with Kathy Bates that got her an Emmy award was American Horror Story: Coven.

The other Kathy Bates Emmy award was for TV series Two and a Half Men, where she got it for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series. This is just some of her work, actress Kathy Bates has featured in a lot of movies and TV series and is considered a living legend in Hollywood. Her Academy Award win was in 1990 in the movie Misery where she won the Best Actress award, which is the highest award in her career.

TV Shows with Kathy Bates

Some of the most popular TV shows that actress Kathy Bates has featured include mostly comedies. However, she is a skilled actress and can pull off any role. For instance, she was outstanding in American Horror Story, where she was nominated for both a Golden Globe and an Emmy award. As a matter of fact American Horror Story: Coven is a short movie with Kathy Bates that won her an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie.

However, comedy is probably her strong side and she has featured in hilarious TV series like Two and a Half Men that got her an Emmy. Furthermore, she appeared in the legendary TV series 3rd Rock from the Sun for which she was nominated for an Emmy, but didn't manage to win.

Games Inspired by TV Shows & Movies

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Kathy Bates Upcoming Movie Appearances

Like we mentioned in the paragraphs above, Kathy Bates has featured in a lot of movies and TV series. However, Kathy Bates today is going to feature in the upcoming movie Home, for which we don't know the release date of just yet. Her latest appearance was in The Highwaymen that came out in March 2019.



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